Systematic Theology

Course Description

This course on Systematic Theology is presented in seven main heads of doctrine. Each module provides ten lectures on these doctrinal pillars of the Scriptures. The entire course is comprised of seventy lectures. Systematic Theology is the attempt to organize all the Christian doctrines in a logical order. The Christian church has been practicing this type of theology since the very early stages of the Church, although, the form in which we see it today, developed in the Middle Ages.

Systematic Theology distinguishes itself from Biblical Theology. Systematic Theology, gathers together all of what Scripture teaches on a given topic and makes a claim based on those truths.

Prologomena: The Doctrine of First Principles

The first two lectures of this course provide an introduction to the whole of all seven modules. The remainder of this first module is devoted to the first of the seven sections of systematic theology—what we call “the doctrine of first...

Instructor: Robert D. McCurley Th.M.

Theology: The Doctrine of God

The purpose of this current module is to explore what the Bible teaches about God Himself, which is to say, what God reveals to us about God. So if you wish to gain a deeper understanding of who the Lord is, these lectures aim to benefit you. The...

Instructor: Robert D. McCurley Th.M.

Anthropology: The Doctrine of Man

The scope of this third module is to explore what the Bible teaches about man. And what we learn from Scripture about God leads us to a right understanding of man. Men are tireless in their pursuit of understanding themselves. Their origin, their...

Instructor: Robert D. McCurley Th.M.

Soteriology: The Doctrine of Salvation

The lectures in this fifth module on the Doctrine of Salvation are, like the others, introductory, not exhaustive, and they’re intended to furnish you with a foundation that you can build upon in your further studies. As you’ll recall from the...

Instructor: Robert D. McCurley Th.M.