New Testament Bible Lessons

The Setting of the Ministry of Christ

New Testament Bible Lessons

This course is a series of 42 Bible lessons on the New Testament designed for older (middle school) children. Each lesson is about 20 minutes in length and is taught by a 6th grade Bible teacher from Calvin Christian school in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada. The video portion of each lesson is accompanied by a Lesson Guide containing quizzes and test questions. The Lesson Guide is available in PDF format and can be downloaded or printed out for the student to complete in class. This course is very well suited for both home schools and private Christian schools worldwide, though it is primarily designed for use in a group setting. Parents and teachers can provide additional guidance to supplement these lessons and Bible knowledge tests, if desired. This New Testament course covers the history of the Lord Jesus as delivered to us in the four Gospels and continues through the life of the Apostle Paul from the Book of Acts. The first lesson starts with the days leading up to Christ’s humble birth in Bethlehem. From there, the student will move through the life of Christ, surveying his blessed ministry, his suffering, his death, and his resurrection. Christ’s ascension, bringing his humble life on earth to a close, and the blessed outpouring of the Holy Spirit are taught next. The final lessons examine the calling and ministry of the greatest evangelist that ever lived, Paul the Apostle. A study of Paul’s missionary journeys brings the series to a close. We hope these lessons are a blessing to you.

The Setting of the Ministry of Christ

Throughout the Old Testament God promised that in the fullness of time He would send His Son, Jesus Christ, as the Saviour to redeem His people. Between the Old Testament and the New Testament there was a period of more than four hundred years about which the Bible is silent, but also during this time the Lord directed events to prepare for the coming of Christ and the spread of His kingdom.

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Course Lessons

1.  The Setting of the Ministry of Christ
2.  The Birth of John the Baptist
3.  The Birth of Jesus Christ
4.  Jesus’ Early Years
5.  A Voice Crying in the Wilderness
6.  Jesus Manifested as the Son of God
7.  Jesus Reveals Himself
8.  Must Needs Go Through Samaria
9.  The Apostles Follow Jesus
10.  The Sermon on the Mount
11.  Power over Sickness and Death
12.  Parables and Miracles
13.  Jesus Power Over the Devil and Death
14.  Troubled by Jesus Power and Feeding Five Thousand
15.  Truly the Son of God
16.  Healing the Blind Man and the Good Shepherd
17.  Parables
18.  More Parables
19.  Lazarus Raised and Jesus Receives Children
20.  Rich Young Ruler, Blind Bartimaeus and Zacchaeus
21.  Mary Anoints Jesus
22.  Final Teaching of Jesus
23.  Signs of the Times
24.  The Last Supper and Gethsemane
25.  Jesus Before the Council and Peter’s Denial
26.  Jesus Before Pilate
27.  The Crucifixion and Burial of Jesus
28.  The Resurrection of Jesus
29.  First Appearances of Jesus
30.  The Great Commission and the Ascension
31.  The Disciples and Pentecost
32.  The Growth and Persecution of the Early Christian Church
33.  Persecution of Early Christian Church
34.  The Christian Church Scattered
35.  Among the Gentiles
36.  Persecuted by Herod
37.  Paul’s First Missionary Journey
38.  Paul’s Second Missionary Journey
39.  Paul’s Third Missionary Journey
40.  Paul in Jerusalem
41.  Paul Before Felix, Festus, and Agrippa
42.  Paul’s Journey to Rome

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Mr. Slingerland

Mr. Marinus Slingerland is a 6th Grade Teacher at Calvin Christian School in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada