Biblical Marriage

Course Introduction:

In these 8 lectures we will attempt to answer the some questions relating a Bible centered Marriage. What exactly is a biblical marriage, and how does it differ from other types of marriages? How does the Bible inform and govern a believer’s relationship to their spouse? Does God provide us with a model to guide us? What does the Scripture teach us about God's design for marriage and His priorities in marriage? What are the specific roles that the Lord assigns to husbands and to wives? How do we apply all the practical implications to the details of our daily lives? The purpose of this course is to study what the Bible teaches about marriage and to equip you with a deeper understanding of how to apply these truths.

1 - Priorities in a Christian Marriage

This first lecture introduces God's priorities for a biblical marriage. What makes a Christian marriage truly Christian?

2 - The Unity in Marriage

God defines unity as a top priority in a biblical marriage.  When a husband and wife are bound to Christ and then woven together in biblical unity, the marriage is strong. In this lecture, we will explore how unity can be maintained amid all of the hurdles and obstacles that threaten to disrupt oneness in marriage. 

3 - Headship

In this lecture, we will study what the Bible teaches us about the place that God has assigned to husbands in a biblical marriage. We will consider the husband's position and his chief pursuits. What does it mean for a husband to be the head of his wife? How does this relate to the relationship between Christ and the Church? 

4 - Servant and Shepherd

A godly husband’s leadership shapes the spiritual direction of the home. What does biblical leadership include? How does being a servant relate to being a leader? How does a godly husband spiritually shepherd his wife and family? And what does this look like in practice? 

5 - Godly Wives 1

What peculiar challenges do women face when hearing what the Bible teaches about godly wives? What role has God given to wives in marriage? Why does God call wives to submit to their husbands? 

6 - Godly Wives 2

How does the knowledge of Christ motivate a godly wife? What are a wife's top priorities and goals in a biblical marriage? How does her inward character shape and influence everything else that God calls her to do? 

7 - Communication

How important is communication in a godly marriage? What problems often arise in this area of marriage, and how does God say to address them? If God gives a couple children, what does He say about raising those children? 

8 - Finances and Physical Relationship

In this final lecture, we will consider two more areas that often present challenges to unity in a biblical marriage:  Finances and the sexual relationship.