Conflict Resolution & The Law of Love in the Church

Dear friends, welcome to the studies on the subject of the well-being of the church in the kingdom of God. This group of lectures will detail God’s teaching on how to aim at the unity and the peace within the church, or more accurately, within the family of God. Unity and peace are critical to the kingdom of God. Division and disunity have always been Satan’s chief weapons in weakening the church of God. And when that happens, it will be harmful to the further building of God’s worldwide kingdom. And why is that true? Well, it’s because the healthy and the well-functioning church is the tool God uses for the extension of his kingdom. As we all know, the family is the key, the cornerstone to the prosperity of our society. And likewise, the local church family, or the household of God, is crucial for the well-being of God’s worldwide kingdom. All believers in the Lord belong to his universal or worldwide body of the Lord Jesus Christ. Yet, it is a fact that we mostly interact personally with fellow believers in our local churches. It is with this local focus that we will study the Lord’s various practical instructions about maintaining unity, or preventing disunity, as well as restoring unity.

Module 1: Conflict Resolution

Module 2: Law of Love