2 – The Nature of Man

Most people own at least one mirror. You’ll find them in lots of places, both in public and private. You often see them over a sink, enabling people to better comb their hair, straighten their shirt, or brush their teeth. But you also find them in many other places. Sometimes, women even carry them in their purses. Mirrors allow you to see yourself, and many people like looking at themselves. They’re concerned about their appearance, and how they may be viewed by others. But mirrors have significant limitations. They can only show you one part of the body—the part facing the mirror and whatever fits within the size of that particular frame. But there is more to you than what is reflected in any mirror. You have a soul, as well as a body, and the soul cannot be seen with the eye. Truly understanding ourselves requires looking beyond what is skin deep. We need to answer questions like, Who am I? What is my origin? Where is my destiny? What is my purpose in life? How do I know things? And on and on the questions go. Many of these questions can only be supplied by the Lord, and He provides the answers in the Scriptures. Only the Creator and the Designer Himself knows truly and fully what man is.

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