The Beatitudes

Course Introduction:

Among the sermons recorded in the Bible, the Sermon on the Mount is perhaps the best known.  Jesus’ hearers literally were astonished when they heard Jesus’ words for the first time.  Gently, yet forcefully Jesus expounded the Old Testament with a New Testament focus.  It is aptly called the Constitution of the Kingdom of God.  In this series we will limit our study to the opening passage of the sermon, commonly known as the Beatitudes.  No Scripture equals the description of the citizens of Jesus’ Kingdom than the elementary yet comprehensive sketch of His genuine subjects.

1 - General Introduction on the Sermon on the Mount

2 - General Introduction on the Beatitudes

3 - Blessed Are the Poor in Spirit

4 - Blessed are They That Mourn

5 - Blessed are the Meek

6 - Blessed are They Which do Hunger and Thirst

7 - Blessed are the Merciful

8 - Blessed are the Pure in Heart

9 - Blessed are the Peacemakers

10 - Blessed are They Which are Persecuted for Righteousness’ Sake