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New Testament Bible Lessons

This course is a series of 42 Bible lessons on the New Testament designed for older (middle school) children. Each lesson is about 20 minutes in length and is taught by a 6th grade Bible teacher from Calvin Christian school in Lethbridge, Alberta,...

Instructor: Mr. Slingerland

The Beatitudes

Among the sermons recorded in the Bible, the Sermon on the Mount is perhaps the best known. Jesus’ hearers literally were astonished when they heard Jesus’ words for the first time. Gently, yet forcefully Jesus expounded the Old Testament with a...

Instructor: Rev. A.T. Vergunst

Systematic Theology

This course on Systematic Theology is presented in seven main heads of doctrine. Each module provides ten lectures on these doctrinal pillars of the Scriptures. The entire course is comprised of seventy lectures. Systematic Theology is the...

Instructor: Various Instructors

The Tabernacle

It was God’s own mind from before the creation of the world to have a people and to dwell among them. After Adam’s fall in sin, mankind was driven from God’s presence, and the way of return was barred by Cherubim with flaming swords. But God’s...

Instructor: Rev. A.T. Vergunst

About the John Knox Institute of Higher Education

The Apostle Paul writes, in his epistle to the Romans, “For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved. How then shall they call on him in whom they have not believed? And how shall they believe in him of whom they have not heard?” (10:13–14, KJV).

The primary purpose of The John Knox Institute of Higher Education is to equip churches worldwide to proclaim and maintain the whole counsel of God. In many places of the world, young churches often lack the formal educational resources that churches in North America and Europe frequently take for granted. Additionally, those churches do not have the long foundational history of a Reformed heritage to help clarify Biblical teaching for them. However, the lectures offered by our organization are also suitable for well-established churches, Bible study groups, and for individual enrichment as well.

It is our goal to make Biblical and theological instruction available in the form of video and audio lectures and lessons for all those who have a desire to learn more about the Bible and theology.